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rept's is a team of experienced independent manufacturer reps assisting contract furniture dealers, architects and designers with solutions for a variety of indoor or outdoor furnishings applications.  


Since 1969, Berco has been designing and building tables to the high-quality standards of its founder, Melvin Berkowitz. Mel believed that listening to his customers, taking care of his employees, and manufacturing here in the US were the keys to building tables, and a business, that would stand the test of time.  Berco prides itself on having achieved the expertise and capabilities of much larger furniture companies while maintaining the flexibility and responsiveness you expect from a small company.


In 1984, three men came together to share their vision for reliable, forward-thinking furniture that was well designed and well built. They weren’t a company or a consortium. They were simply three men that shared the same passion for perfection and happened to be born in the same village in Italy. 


Founded in 1981 under the guiding principles of North Carolina furniture culture’s history of work and craft, Cabot Wrenn continues to chart new paths in defining the modern workplace that merges traditional and contemporary forms for a progressive relevant aesthetic. This is our legacy. This is our DNA


CARVART is a creative solutions company. We specialize in facility-wide architectural glass products and hardware systems, striving to solve your design challenges through refined aesthetics backed by functionality and purpose.


Specialists in Lab-Grade Seating SolutionsMed-Tech environments - laboratories, medical offices, hospitals, and research facilities - demand seating solutions that meet rigorous technical standards and provide all-day support and comfort. Cramer engineers every product to address these sensitive environments while providing performance and peace of mind.


Cypress Furniture proudly creates truly custom upholstered furniture, constructed of the finest workmanship and old-world construction. Our upholstered furniture collection, skillfully blends master craftsmanship with the highest quality materials. Built entirely by hand; uniquely skilled artisans produce custom pieces of uncompromised quality. Our Northern California showroom is committed to impeccable design and world-class customer service.


Since 1953 Homecrest Outdoor Living has been synonymous with comfort, quality and durability. Homecrest is the proud five-time recipient of the coveted "Manufacturer Leadership Award". Focusing on our customers' needs, Homecrest provides quality, flexibility, choice and on-time delivery. We work with you to customize all of the elements of your products including fabrics, frames, finishes and table tops colours and sizes.


Our top priority is creating value for our customers through core values including speed, flexibility, integrity, and reliability. Every furniture experience we offer is comfortable, warm, and worry-free. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees handle every customer with respect whether they are placing an order or they have an inquiry. We are prepared to provide you with the executive office furniture you want – whether your style is contemporary, modern, or traditional.That’s why we strive to give each of our customer’s unparalleled service.


At J2 Systems, we know that creating thoughtful and inviting interior spaces requires a holistic approach to design that includes acoustic performance.


We specialize in beautifully-designed, unique, vibrant acoustic solutions that feel right at home in workplaces, schools, hotels, restaurants, religious facilities and a variety of other commercial and civic interior spaces.


Established in Calgary, Canada, Room B has proudly served the contract furniture markets since 2010. We provide meaningful and enduring furniture solutions for North American and global projects alike. In addition to our in-house design and manufacturing, we’ve partnered with some of the best European designers and manufacturers.


 "Tenjam is based in Minnesota, U.S.A.  We make furniture that is safe, durable, washable and fun.  Our furniture can be washed and disinfected multiple times per day if needed.  None of our products have stitched seams where bacteria can hide and multiply.  Many of our designs are modular and multifunctional and can be used as seats, tables, or ottomans."


We are all about quality. Woodstock quality engineers work at the factories we work with, in country. These university-trained Quality Control employees of Woodstock do incoming, in process and final inspections. Production does not start until incoming inspections of raw materials is signed off as acceptable. All during the production cycle, Quality is being monitored and chairs do not leave the factory without a Woodstock QC approval.

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