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rep't is a forward thinking manufacturer’s rep firm whose main focus is to assist in creating spaces.  We are passionate about innovative design, superior customer service and reliability.  We have aligned with manufacturer partners that share our passion for helping to create spaces that exceed the expectations of the people that use them. 


You have our commitment to providing the best solutions and to help you meet your objectives.  We provide great products at an excellent value.  We support our recommendations with research, knowledge and years of experience.  


Connecting people and their spaces with thoughtfully designed furniture products.

Our Manufacturer Partners

rept's is a team of experienced independent manufacturer reps assisting contract furniture dealers, architects and designers with solutions for a variety of indoor or outdoor furnishings applications.  


Founded in 1981 under the guiding principles of North Carolina furniture culture’s history of work and craft, Cabot Wrenn continues to chart new paths in defining the modern workplace that merges traditional and contemporary forms for a progressive relevant aesthetic. This is our legacy. This is our DNA.


Tenjam is based in Minnesota, U.S.A.  We make furniture that is safe, durable, washable and fun.  Our furniture can be washed and disinfected multiple times per day if needed.  None of our products have stitched seams where bacteria can hide and multiply.  Many of our designs are modular and multifunctional and can be used as seats, tables, or ottomans.

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